Here is some fairly random video and audio.  Dive in!

rabbit leaping transparent

Here's a "Boatsman" on my little gourd banjo

Fun at Mt Airy with Rhys Jones, Joseph DeCosimo, John Herrman, and Adam Tanner

A pretty waltz written by my friend Jane Rothfield and me

At Clifftop, many years ago, with Rachel Eddy, Mark Hellenberg, Bill Dudley and Stuart Kenney.

A fun G medley played by my band Hotpoint. The first tune is one I wrote called The Silk Road.  The next two are Garfield's Blackberry Blossom and Melvin Wine's tune Tippy Get a Haircut

Flippin' Jenny with my son Ryland Burhans

Fun times with some of the other instructors at an Augusta Old-time Week... Rebekah Weiler (the other banjo player in the video), and fiddler Anna Roberts-Gevalt. (I can't recall who the guitar player is here.  But Lou Maiuri is dancing!)

I was asked to contribute a tune to the Non-Denominational Banjo Advent Calendar for 2018.  I chose A-Roving on a Winter's Night.

Fun with my all-woman oldtime string band Sugar Pie.  Kellie Allen is singing Stayed in the Wagon Yard along with Sabra Guzman, Jane Rothfield and me.

HBO used a track from my solo CD Put On the Skillet with an episode of Deadwood.  Here's the track they used.

Jorma Kaukonon (of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna fame) lives in my town.  Imagine my surprise when he was voted SECOND Coolest Person in Athens!  Here's a National Public Radio interview with both of us.

An interview with Cameron DeWhitt on his podcast Get Up int the Cool

At Motleigh Musicalia, some super sweet fiddling by Rhys Jones and Nate Leath.  My son Ry is playing banjo uke.  I have very fond memories of this session!

With my contradance band Hotpoint Stringband; a tune called Bus Stop Reel  that was composed by Anita Anderson.